About Page


I am a student at Columbia College of Chicago. I live in the Western suburbs. I am a movie buff, I view movies as forms of art. I also love music and psychology. I have combined two of my passions, movies and psychology to create this blog. My goal is to have many people view and participate on my blog.

What I Do

I currently work at The Cheesecake Factory in Oak Brook. I am working to acquire my Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia College. After that I plan on becoming a journalist.

My Hobbies

Again, I really like movies. I watch them constantly in my free time. I enjoy photography, reading and running. I also enjoy scuba diving in tropical places.

Former Education

I graduated from Lyons Township High School. Prior to transferring to Columbia College, I attended College of DuPage for my first two years.

Fun Facts About Me

I am a Pisces. I have always felt that I identify very closely to my horoscope sign. I love butterflies and think they are beautiful creatures. I had my golden birthday when I was 6.

Let’s make something together.

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