Hello all! My name is Olivia Paus and I’m a student journalist at Columbia College of Chicago. I created this blog as a requirement for a class, but also as a way to share my passions. I am very passionate about psychology and the art of film. I have found a way to combine both. Throughout this blog I will be analyzing characters in movies and TV shows. I will tie in psychology as I analyze the characters in each movie or TV show, and go into depth about which personality disorder that I think they have. I will encourage readers to respond with their own thoughts about personality disorders in these mediums and even respond to my thoughts as well. I am enabling comments, so there will be opportunities for readers to dispute my own claims.

Special Skills

  • Critical Thinking
  • Helpful
  • Creativity
  • Photography
  • Organization
  • Multitasking

Fun Facts

  • I know how to make oragami
  • I speak French (fairly) fluently
  • I have a sense of humor about myself
  • I am licensed to scuba dive up to 750 ft.
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